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Maggie Bergin is a digital marketer and copy writer creating brand-aligned, creative, compelling digital content for her clients.

Let's connect your customers to your 'why'.

You deeply love what you do. But marketing feels like a part-time job. And you already have a job. And for all your effort, you're still not positive you're making the right choices among the approximately 10 million marketing content options. Help is available:


  • Audit: Your business is on social, but you know it could be getting you more customers. You can do the work, you just need someone to tell you what YOU need to do to optimize your marketing time and energy. I’ll conduct a thorough social channel audit and make specific, actionable recommendations that will help you achieve your goals.

  • One-time or ongoing copy writing or copy editing: Visual images and videos are great and necessary. But your brand needs the right WORDS to convey its clear point of view. Your brand’s purpose must be conveyed at every step with text: your website, product descriptions, automated follow-up emails, regular blog posts and more all require language. I will write or copy-edit compelling and brand-aligned text. I create copy by Project or Retainer.

  • Social media posts: Let me create interesting, share-worthy content that is easily found, tells your customers what your business stands for and drives sales. Fees are per hour (with a ‘not to exceed’) or via a monthly retainer. I do not outsource any work.

  • Borrow My Brain: You’re managing your social media accounts and you’re pretty savvy. But you want ta second brain, someone who isn’t so close to the work, to get feedback, ask ‘how’ questions or get help optimizing your social accounts.

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