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Maggie Bergin is a digital marketer and copy writer creating brand-aligned, creative, compelling digital content for her clients.

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Studio & Office Space Marketing Campaign

Maggie Bergin

Open Square is a mixed-use development offering office, studio, residential and retail space. Open Square recently had 4 small offices and 3 medium studio spaces available for rent. I designed and executed a campaign to fill those spaces! 

First, I identified two target markets for these relatively smaller rentals:

1. People currently working from a home office or car—sales consultants, copywriters, copy editors, business consultants, life coaches, manufacturer’s reps and others.
2. People working in creative fields—web designers, illustrators, photographers, and others

Open Square conducted two forms of research: we talked to current tenants in similar spaces about what attracted them to Open Square and what they loved about their offices. We also conducted anecdotal online research among our fans and followers on social media and in various LinkedIn business groups about what works for them in a smaller office. Into that swirl of data, I added my gut instincts and Open Square’s clear advantages (beautiful space, fiber optic to the building, quiet space).

We intially designed one ‘look’ for each space category. For the studios, we used a stronger ‘design’ font and shorter calls to action. And for the smaller offices, we used a visually less bold call to action in a softer look. But in the end, we but ended up using each ‘look’ across categories. Within two weeks of launching the campaign, Open Square secured tenants for 2 of the available studio spaces and 1 small office space.