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Maggie Bergin is a digital marketer and copy writer creating brand-aligned, creative, compelling digital content for her clients.

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Confirmation from the Universe

Maggie Bergin

I listened today to the newest episode of the excellent podcast, Design Matters, in which the host, Debbie Millman, interviewed the ridiculously talented artist/designer/potter Jonathan Adler. While asking Johnathan about his training and education, Jonathan explained he wanted to apply to RISD's MFA program but was told not to.

Adler's reflected on that moment, saying "In my heart of hearts, I'm very grateful...because ultimately one shouldn't get any approval from anybody." He went on to say, "I think that academics in art and design have a very particular vocabulary and ethos and approach that I don't really like. That whole crit[ique] model where people design stuff and critics come in and talk about it...if I had submerged myself in that kind of world, it would have been constipating. I'm very glad to have been homegrown...I think had I been in grad school, I would have been on a particular track and that would have been bad for me."

Please note: Debbie Millman is the co-founder of the Branding Masters program into which I was DYING to enter.