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Maggie Bergin is a digital marketer and copy writer creating brand-aligned, creative, compelling digital content for her clients.

Looking Fear Right In It's Hairy Eyeballs

Maggie Bergin

"Don't be afraid to fail because failure is where learning happens."


"Pushing through fear of failure brings your work to a higher level of authenticity/strength/greatness."

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I first heard advice like this after moving to the west coast in the 2000s. I distinctly noted this encouragement because it was very different from the strict hierarchical system I'd experienced on the east coast. I was deeply suspicious. So I asked people on the west coast: What's up with this whole 'ask for forgiveness not permission' thing? And guess what? They honestly wanted me to figure out 'my thing' and do 'my thing' and check in with them about 'my thing' and be open to suggestions for how to make 'my thing' even better. And they were serious about wanting to help.

Fast forward to September 2017 in Chicago—the literal middle ground between the east and west coasts—at the Brand New Conference, a two-day corporate identity conference put on by UnderConsideration LLC. A boldly recurring theme from designers, wordsmiths and brand strategists? 

"Don't be afraid of failure. Embrace failure."

From Mexican coffee shops to Shower Cap designs to Presidential Campaigns, the advice was oddly consistent: FUCK FEAR. Just fuck it. Fuck it all the way.

If your business were to embrace fearlessness, what would you put out into the world right now? How might fearlessness SHIFT your company's engagement with it's customers? If you're up for it, I'm up for it. Let's look fear in it's hairy little eyeballs and keep moving toward our most authentic selves and brands.